Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Mike's Lobster & King Crab Claw Cheese Spread

Mike's Lobster & King Crab Claw Cheese Spread. Luke`s Lobster first began in New York City and now provides customers around the world with traceable, sustainable seafood sourced from America`s northeast and Canada. Luke's lobster is a Maine-style lobster shack featuring traceable, sustainable seafood. We are best known for our lobster rolls, friendly team and cozy shack atmosphere. Последние твиты от Luke's Lobster (@LukesLobster).

Mike's Lobster & King Crab Claw Cheese Spread Learn more about the Luke's Lobster story and our Maine-style lobster. With more than a handful of NYC locations, this thriving lobster mini-chain has some of the most affordably priced lobster rolls in the. Luke's Lobster is a recommended authentic restaurant in Manhattan, United States of America, famous for Lobster Roll. You can cook Mike's Lobster & King Crab Claw Cheese Spread using 13 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Mike's Lobster & King Crab Claw Cheese Spread

  1. Prepare 1 Pound of Rock Lobster Tails [meat weight - fine chopped].
  2. You need 1 Pound of Pre-steamed King Crab Claws [meat weight -fine shread].
  3. It's as needed of Quality Dry White Wine.
  4. Prepare 4 (8 oz) of Packages Philadelphia Cream Cheese [room temp].
  5. Prepare 1/2 Cup of Chives [fine chopped].
  6. It's 1/2 tsp of Lemon Pepper.
  7. You need 1 Dash of Lemon Juice.
  8. It's 1/2 tsp of Old Bay.
  9. It's of ● Options.
  10. You need of Toasted Bagles.
  11. Prepare of Chilled Vegetables.
  12. Prepare of Lemon Wedges.
  13. You need of Crackers.

Luke's Lobster is a hugely successful mini-chain with roots in Maine, and oddly enough, it started in New York City's East Village just eight years ago. Check out their menu for some delicious Seafood. Get delivery from Luke's Lobster super-fast to your door. Order online and track your order live.

Mike's Lobster & King Crab Claw Cheese Spread instructions

  1. Place shelled seafood on a cookie sheet with white wine. Bake seafood at 350° for 20 minutes. Pull from oven and crack shells once cooled. Rough chop meat or shread. Mix everything together and chill..
  2. Serve spread on toasted Bagles, crackers or dip vegetables in. Also, with lemon wedges..
  3. This spread makes for great gifts!.
  4. Enjoy!.

No delivery fee on your first order. Luke's Lobster has a few locations in the city, including the Plaza Hotel's Food Hall, Financial District and the Upper West Side. The staff was friendly to me and Jay as they. Luke Holden had no restaurant experience when he quit his banking job to bring Maine-style lobster rolls to New York City. Now, Luke's Lobster is in three countries and cities.